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Brokerage and Storage

Selling your Boat? or Storing your boat:


In Kerry, we have over 30,000 sq ft of indoor space available in which we can store your boat, either simply for storage purposes or for sale purposes. It is well known that selling a boat in a showroom environment is much better than trying to sell a boat (& continually maintain it in good condition) in the outdoors. We have specially constructed showrooms and warehouses with high & wide electric doors with excellent access & manoeuvrability.

We offer very reasonable commission rates, multiple website listings, survey reports, repairs, engineering & mechanical services plus valeting and all documentation – just send us an email or give us a call to discuss your specific requirements.

Remember we can store your boat indoors and all at a very reasonable cost. 

We have a wide range of second hand boats in our showroom. For the complete, up to date list, please click here.


We have been in the marine business for decades and are well known & respected throughout Ireland and Europe, and indeed further afield.

Having sold boats into numerous countries and as far away as Australia, Dubai, Russia and the US, to name but a few, we have the experience & knowledge to find a home for your boat, and handle all the necessary documentation.


Our charges for boats on trailers are outlined below:

upto 100 sq ft (10 sq. m) @ €3.50 per sq. ft for 6 months
between: 100 and 200 sq. ft.(15sq m) @ €3.25 per sq. ft. for 6 months
over 200 sq. ft. (15 sq m) @ €3.00 per sq. ft. for 6 months
Minimum Charge: €200 + VAT for 6 months

50% payable in advance, with monthly payments in advance thereafter.

All prices exclude Vat

All boats must be paid for prior to collection or delivery after agreed storage period has expired. If boats are not paid for and collected on schedule, a penalty charge of 20% will apply, on a monthly pro rata basis.



measure overall length of boat, including engine and trailer, say, 20’0” long, for example measure overall width of boat, trailer – at widest point, say, 9’0”, for example. Multiply overall length x overall width, as per example: 20’ 0” x 9’0” = 180sq ft. Multiply this by the rate, as outlined above: 180 x €3.25 = €585 + vat for 6 months. Pro rata per month i.e €585 + vat divide by 6 = €97.50 + vat per month.